Welcome to JWT.gr.

JWT.gr is an unofficial website with various administrative tools, specially designed for Jehovah's Witnesses' congregations.
With it, you can simplify usual tasks like:


  • Managing Publishers (with the ability to download an Excel list)
  • Managing Field Service Groups (with the ability to print for your congregation board)


  • Managing Territories (Assignments, History, Printing)
  • Creating Territory Cards (Directly from map, or by importing coordinates)
  • Merging all territories into a Congregation Territory Map (useful to find unassigned or multi-assigned areas of the map, also having a color fluctuation based on territory coverage)
  • Assignment History per Publisher

Literature & Magazines

  • Managing Congregation Orders (with multiple languages)
  • Managing Publisher Orders (with colored labels for orders that exceed current congregation orders)

Field Ministry

  • Service Reports (monthly, per publisher and calculation of congrgegation totals and field service group averages, also giving the ability to print congregation's publisher records)
  • Organizing Public Witnessing Schedules: Under Construction
  • Productiveness of Public Witnessing Locations: Under Construction

Obviously, the use of our service is absolutely free. - Matthew 10:8

With Christian Love,
JWT.gr Team



For any information, please do not hesitate to contact us.